To capture moments. Moments that declare unreservedly the love of two people for each other. Moments that tell of a union. Moments that start a family history. Are there any moments more important in a relationship?

Documentary photography has been around since papers started publishing photographs. The documentary photography of a wedding however, is a recent addition to the ouevre of an image producer. And where technology changes, love, as evidenced by the greatest stories in the world, does not.

Of course, you can settle for the traditional wedding album photographer and the traditional post ceremony family gathering picture taking, this is the purpose of the wedding photographer. But what of something else? Something more? And then you have to consider, will the 'digital negative' really stand the test of time that so far, has not proved itself?

When a photographer, schooled under the principles of a Magnum edict with thirty years of experience in the field offers a full day from dawn to dusk of moments captured on film that will be hand developed and printed to exhibition standard, is there anything else to consider?

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